Passive Income from Crypto

UPDATE: This guide is retired, as Cointiply have removed the mining game from their site. See this article for their explanation.

So here’s a thing: you can actually get a passive crypto income. Sure, it’s pennies (unless you throw a LOT of time at the initial build) but it’s 99% passive.

Check in every hour, two clicks and you can accumulate as much BTC as you like.

How? The mining game.

  1. Go to Cointiply and sign up (yeah, that’s a ref link).
  2. Do their Faucet every hour to build up coins (each of which is 1/100 of a cent, but that’s not what you’ll use them for).
  3. Put all the proceeds into the Mining Game.
  4. Switch on auto-maintenance and collect gems hourly.
  5. Build your mine with faucet income until you have the passive income you want, then just do step 4 every hour to keep it running at 200% efficiency.

And that’s it.

Let’s look at the building steps in more detail. Step 2 is where you’ll get your coins to buy mining equipment and build your passive income. I’ll assume you’re familiar with claiming from a faucet.

Ideally, you want to visit the faucet every hour and keep building your mine: the 1 coin it generates every hour at the most basic level won’t make you a millionaire. You can also do PTC, offers, watch videos and whatever (for extra coins) but I’ll keep this simple for now. The concept’s the same.

Once you have around 1,700 coins (a good starting investment), go to the mining game and buy a building. Any building – they all generate the same output for their power. I went for a Carrier Depot because it’s the cheapest.

Upgrade your building as much as you can with your coins. Now you have a passive income.

To maintain your building, you need gems. This is the hourly bit that keeps your passive income going. But before you do that, set up auto-maintenance:

On the “Gems” tab of the mining page, switch on “Auto-spend” (see image). Don’t switch to gem mode: you want to collect coins everywhere else on the site, not gems.

Then all you do is these two steps: click “Claim Free Gems” on your mine stats page, then click the building (see image). Do that once an hour and your mine creates coins 24/7.

Upgrading your mine massively improves output (as you can see, mine’s at 970 mining power, producing 28 coins per hour and getting a little of the mining pool as well). I throw ALL my coins into the mine at the moment, building up until I’ve got a nice output level and can just leave it running.

Oh, and you can sell spare gems for extra coins if you like.

Aiming at a particular monthly income? Each coin is worth $0.0001 and requires 34 mining power. Each hourly coin turns into $0.0672 every four weeks. So to calculate how many hourly coins you need, divide your target by 0.0672.

For example, $100 a month requires 100 ÷ 0.0672 = 1,489 (rounding up) hourly coin income. That means you’ll need 1,489 x 34 = 50,626 power.

Each power costs you 100 coins to build. So that $100 per month requires a one-off investment of 5,062,600 Cointiply coins. Which is a lot.