How can I get free crypto?

Ever since Bitcoin started, people have run “faucets”. In exchange for a visit, being spammed with a crapload of ads and completing a captcha, you get some free money.

It’s only small amounts – satoshis, not whole coins – but it builds up. And it’s free.

My starting stash of crypto came from faucets. I’ve added by buying since then, but when Bitcoin’s price went stupid, the $20 or so I’d gathered from faucets (all the while being told “it’s pointless, it’s just dust”) suddenly turned into about $1,000.

Did I mention faucets are free? Yes, free. Free money. Free.

Bear in mind that gathering is SLOW: people don’t give away free money very easily, so you need to keep visiting and collecting.

Also remember that you can earn a lot more doing almost anything else, so make up your own mind how long to spend on gathering coin-dust!

These are ref links, obviously. I’ll be happy if you use them but you are not obliged to do so.

Bitcoin faucets


The absolute best. Been running for years, claim every hour, totally honest and reliable. They even give you 4% interest on your earnings once you hit 30k satoshis (so you can deposit your earnings from the others here and watch them build).

Rewards grow if you play their hi-lo game, too – from about 0.1c per visit, my rewards have built up to 2.5c per visit, to which I can add a little for 24h hours using the site’s reward points.

Update: my account is now set to share referral rewards, so sign up under me and earn extra every week.

Oh, and one extra note: this one is a “ROLL!” button: claiming satoshis is presented as a game, with up to $200 if you’re lucky. (No, I’ve never won it!)


Visit every 5+ minutes, though I think the system is designed to peak at about 1 hour, the same as (1), above. Payout goes to Coinpot (which is mildly annoying, but you can wait ’til you hit the free withdrawal limit and move them to freebitco for the interest). Also been running for ever, slower earnings.


Slower again, pays to Coinpot again (which works nicely combined with Moonbit). Also every 5+ minutes, I do it roughly every hour or so.


Another slow one, pays to Coinpot again. You can claim every 15 minutes. Completely reliable: I think it’s owned by the same people who do the Moons or who did BitcoinZebra when it was alive. Someone responsible, anyway!


Been running for years. I’d avoided it because the claiming process used to be so complex, but they’ve simplified down to a captcha-and-click, so it’s back on the list! Pays to FaucetHub.

Other coins:

  1. Bitcoin Cash (BCH): (by the same people as moonbit)
  2. Dogecoin: (by the same people as, above)
  3. Dogecoin: (same people as moonbit)
  4. Dogecoin: to FaucetHub, also has other coins, very low payouts)
  5. Dogecoin: (pays to FaucetHub, also has other coins, very low payouts)
  6. Dogecoin: (pays to FaucetHb, ugly as sin and you’ll want to switch off the mining thing)
  7. Litecoin: (same people as moonbit)
  8. Litecoin: (same as the Dash faucet below, pays to FaucetHub)
  9. SWIFT:
    (an attempt at providing a basic income to anyone, anywhere, with a once-per-day distribution – probably minor, may die, but hey… it’s free)
  10. Ripple: (similar style to, roll once per hour)
  11. Dashcoin: (run by the Moon guys, pays to Coinpot as usual)
  12. Dashcoin: to FaucetHub)
  13. PotCoin: the cannabis industry’s likely to explode with legalisation and PotCoin is one of the options. Three excellent faucets, all of which go to FaucetHub:
  14. Blackcoin: very old PoS coin. This one has huge payouts every 15 mins, which go to FaucetHub:

Automatic Claims

There are a few pages that do a bit of background mining (you sometimes have to click “accept” on a pop-up or walk through 3-4 pages of ads before you get to the faucet) and which pay you regular amounts for leaving the page open.

Autofaucets pay minuscule amounts. Running one all day will generate less than $0.01 (in most cases), so ONLY use them if you’re using your computer anyway.

Frankly, CoinPot’s browser mining is better if you’re using a computer: these are really for devices with no processing power (spare phone, crappy tablet, etc.).

These go to FaucetHub again and allow you to pick from several coins:


I mentioned (that’s a ref link) several times. FaucetHub is one of the biggest faucet catalogues, listing HUNDREDS of faucets for loads of different coins. It also has built-in Bitcoin mining, games and a chat with regular “rains” (free giveaways) of all sorts of crypto based on participation. Dead easy to waste entire days there…!

Bear in mind that you can’t always trust faucets to work and some of them require ridiculous effort for tiny rewards (3 minutes’ work for 0.2c?). 

Don’t get caught up in the cycle of claiming and forget that faucets will only pay you cents per hour. 

The big ones in the first list are reliable and require less work than most.